IECT: Robotics Training Institute in Kolkata

"Robotics Training with 100% Practical Projects"
Our Industry specific Robotics Training Course will make you Job Ready for Robotics & Autonomous Industries
After completion of our course, you will be able to make different sensor based Autonomous Robots & Wireless Robotics systems by yourself

Why Learn Robotics....

By building different robots, students become familier with microcontrollers, embedded systems concept and how to merge software coding with hardware. They become able to create their own devices and gadgets that interact with the world. This is a profound and empowering experience, which greatly impacts students.This subtle change in perspective can have a profound impact on students' futures.

Robotics is Creative

At IECT we help students to understand relationship between software coding and microcontrollers by guiding them through easy to build activities and ensuring that they can experience success in building their own complex design. There is nothing more empowering than the experience of imagining something, building it, and then ultimately watching it work. Our instructors are uniquely able to help every student achieve this experience because of their vast Industrial experiences.

ROBOTICS Training Course....

Building a robot has always been your dream. Now it's your chance to fulfill your dream of making a robot with us. Here at IECT we teach to make both Handheld and Autonomous robot. From very basic of robotics to advance designing of robots. Simple to complex algorithm to develop embedded system for building advance autonomous robots using AVR or PIC Microcontroller. Making robot is real fun.

Our Robotics Training Courses (Basic & Advanced) are customized as per Industry Specifications & are based on full practical training which helps students to become confident & job ready for autonomous Industries.

STEM education kolkata robotics for kids

We have different Robotics Training courses: Autonomous Robotics, Different Sensor based Robotics, Embedded Robotics, Wireless Robotics, PIC Microcontroller based Robotics & Most Popular ARDUINO based Embedded Robotics Training.
Following is a brief overview of Embedded Robotics Training Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Robotics
  2. Robotics Applications
  3. Introduction to different types of robots(Manual & Autonomous)
  4. Introduction to Microcontrollers
  5. Usage of Microcontrollers in Robotics
  6. Introduction to Arduino
  7. Choose your microcontroller
  8. What is ADC & DAC
  9. Why Arduino for Building Robotics Applications
  10. Advantages of using Arduino
  11. Programming concept for Arduino
  12. Logic Building
  13. Introduction to Embedded System
  14. Build your first Embedded Code
  1. Concepts of Different types of sensors
  2. Application of different sensors
  3. Interfacing with single sensor
  4. Interfacing with multiple sensors
  5. ADC conversion logic
  6. Application of ADC
  7. Motor drive concept
  8. Relay interfacing with microcontroller
  9. Motor interfacing with microcontroller
  10. What is PWM
  11. PWM generation and its application using microcontroller
  12. Steps to build your first robot
  13. Assemble your first robot
  14. Programming your first robot
  15. Troubleshooting your program
  16. Run your first robot
  1. What is Autonomous System
  2. Designing an Autonomous System
  3. Make your first Automatic Robot
  4. Troubleshooting Robot
  5. More Robotics Projects
Advance Robotics Training Course with Live Projects (Wired & Wireless Robot Control Training)
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IECT: Robotics Training Institute in Kolkata | Wired Robot Designing | Wireless Robot Design Training | Autonomous Robot Design Training

IECT: Technical training institute in Kolkata. Conducts Microcontroller based Embedded Robotics Training, Wireless Robotics Training, Sensor based autonomous Robotics Training

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