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“PCB Designing Course: Essential for every Engineer & Electronics Hobbyists"

You can easily build your own electronics prototype board after learning PCB Designing Course

Who can learn PCB Designing Course .....

Even after having sound knowledge on electronics, most engineers can't furnish their prototype in a good manner. PCB Design Course helps technical professionals and engineering students to design, build and finish a good looking electronics prototype of their own in a solid good looking manner. A furnished pcb not only looks good, it reduces the chances of loose contacts between solder joints and make reliable and solid structure of any circuit. Therefore it is necessary to have a good knowledge on how to design a pcb. Here at IECT we train to design both Single Layer & Double Layer PCB using Eagle PCB CAD Software.
Our PCB Design Training Course is not only for Engineers. Any electronics hobbyist or technical professional can learn how to make pcb. PCB Designing is really very easy and requires no software knowledge as because all students get hands on training on PCB desinging software during their course.

Our training starts from the basics of Circuit Designing accompanied with grooming up skills in Basic Electronics and move to deep inside the topics into a detailed insight of the PCB design process.

pcb design training

PCB Designing Course Details: (Class 2hrs/Day | Total 5 Classes)

  1. Theory and Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards
  2. Entire Overview of the Designing process
  3. Introduction to the Industrial Protocols and Design Specifics
  4. Getting Used to the PCB Designing Tools
  5. Brief introduction to Analog Electronics
  6. Basics of Analog Electronic Circuitry Designing
  7. Getting Introduced to PCB CAD
  8. Practical 1 : Developing a Circuit Schematic in PCB CAD
  9. Practical 2 : Developing the Board File
  10. Practical 3 : Designing a PCB Testing Tool : The Continuity Tester
  11. Getting Introduced to the Chemical Etching Process
  12. Practical 4 : Developing the PCB with Hands on Etching Sessions
  13. Safety Sessions on Handling Chemicals
  14. Brief session on Soldering: tips and tricks
  15. Practical 5 : Assembly and Soldering the Continuity Tester
  16. Practical 6 : Testing of the Continuity Tester
  17. Circuit Verification Tips and Tricks.
  18. Designing a 5v Power Supply : Revisiting the basic Electronics Concepts
  19. Practical 7 : Developing the Design files in PCB CAD
  20. Practical 8 : Fabricating the PCB
  21. Final Project : Developing a Circuit according to the pre-drafted specifications
  22. Practical 9 : Fabricating and Cross testing the PCB
  23. Circuit Simulation, testing and troubleshooting
pcb designing course

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