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This IoT Certification course is created with artfulness, to shape you know the center of IoT. You'll learn how to promote IoT Solutions utilizing sensors and parts mix. You'll execute IoT in Big Data and get the utilization and displaying of extricated information. The utilization cases included during this course will teach you about how IoT Technology goes to change what's to come! Before the finish of this preparation, you'll get familiar with the jobs, duties of an IoT Developer and be accessible for execution.

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Different catagories of This Course

  • Core Embedded Development based on AVR Microcontroller
  • Interfacing Analog and Digital Sensors
  • UART / USART Communication using MCU
  • Networking procols and their function
  • LAN communication | WAN communication
  • Sending MCU data over LAN
  • Sending MCU data over WAN
  • Data Logging

Different catagories of This Course

  • MYSQL Database creation and Handling
  • Storing MCU data in a local Server
  • Storing MCU data in a remote Server
  • Accessing Database Data & Updating them
  • Design IOT & IIOT Communication Process
  • Control Hardware & Machines over LAN & WAN
  • Design & Develop Electronics Control PCB
  • Customize & Print a fully Working Industrial Control Panel

Embedded Microcontroller Training

Embedded Systems are the Heart of any Automated System

Embedded systems is a very wide field you can work on software/firmware development and testing. You can work on architecture, design and implementation. All the consumer products, devices etc you can work from development to after sales support and future updates. Below are some job egs,

Embedded software engineer, Firmware engineer, Firmware test engineer, Firmware validation engineer, Software test engineer, systems test engineer, Systems integration engineer, systems architect and many many more.

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Network Protocols and Communication Process

As embedded systems are becoming more and more complex, the knowledge about various disciplines like data processing, electronics, telecommunications, and networks becomes mandatory for all. Nowadays, “network” plays a prominent role in embedded systems. A proper understanding of networks is also equally important.

Embedded network can serve several different purposes like the ones given below:

  • Provides resource sharing (sharing of files, applications or hardware etc.)
  • Provides Communication support (email, chat, etc.)
  • Processes Communication (communication between industrial computers)
  • Provides access to information: Guarantees full access to information for a specified group of people through networked databases
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Server Side Coding through PHP

PHP is used to design and develop back-end processing environment on the Server Side to communicate between the Client - Hardware(MCU) - Server

On a large scale, the Internet of Things is just an upgrade of tools and machines to take technology to the next level. This field emerges, allowing machines to do many things automatically. Using PHP in custom web development allows providing users with a platform that helps make changes according to their requirements and needs. Besides, the user is able to keep in touch with their device despite the location, just with the help of a mobile device.

PHP and IoT have a great future together. PHP and smart device of IoT can create the latest level devices together.

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Database Management for Data Storing

DBMS is must to learn because of data handling for the Hardware sent informations

Industries need to analyze their hardware data in order to customize or rectification of error if happens. Therefore it is utmost needed thing to store and handle those data using any Database Management System. Here comes the necessicity of MYSQL. Controlled by PHP and data sent from the Microcontroller, combileny they work in a very beautiful manner to properly manage any Industry if designed by any professional

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Logging Data to Database sent from MCU

Daat logging is a very useful thing for proper Control Management system

Data Logging / Data Storage system can be developed remotely or locally depending on the need.

Why Data Logginh is Necessary ?

  • To Check any hardware or manual information of any specific time of a day
  • To check for any hardware error
  • To record total number of production of a day
  • etc....
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Full Stack IOT Development

IoT Career Opportunities

  • Embedded Programs Engineer
  • Network and the Networking Structure Developer
  • Sensors And Actuator Professional
  • Hardware and Devices
  • User Interface
  • Communication Security & Safety Professional
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Company: Philips India Ltd.

Marvellous Training by Pallab Sir. He really knows what electronics companies are actually looking from a fresher B.Tech like me and he trained us exactly the same way. Now I am working at Philips as a development engineer.


Company: Siemens

We are very much satisfied by the training we had got at IECT. 4 out of 6 friends of us got placed in different companies. I've got placed at Siemens. It's like dream come true for me. Thanks to IECT


Company: Havells

Lots of practical projects with in-depth knowledge made everything clear about the microcontroller and that's what made me confident to crack interview at Havells. Thanks to Pallab Sir for his excellent training.


Company: Mitsubhishi

No word is enough for the excellent training I had got from IECT. Pallab Sir has enormous knowledge in Atmel Microcontroller and IOT. And he taught us everything about IIOT which I am implementing today at Mitsubishi Lab. Thank u Sir :D


Company: Centum Electronics

I did IIOT course from IECT along with Industrial Training. Today I'm working at Centum Electronics as an core development engineer. Thanks.

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Here are some FAQs that we get from our students who inquire about our courses, duration and placement process. We've tried our best to answer few of them here. But always feel free to call us for further information.

As per our experiene, we've seen that most of the companies are looking for an employee who can deliver most of the thing needed to develop a single product and if you wish to be in the field of R&D, you better opt for the Industrial Training.

Well.... anything new is a bit of difficult to learn specially when it is about Real life Industrial Things. But be confident... you've completed your technical degree. So it won't be too hard to understand and realize. Afterall many students have already completed and got placement. So don't worry at all.

Actually different courses have different duration. It entirely depends on the course module. You better call us for more information on this.

Honestly speaking, all our courses are designed mainly for technical students. But we also have many customized courses for non-technical persons. We suggest to call us once for more information.

Well.... Since 2010 we had have trained more than 500 students (Industrial Training) and more than 97% of them got placement. But still we can't guarantee about the placement. But yes.. Many comapanies inquire to us about technical knowledgeable freshers. And you can see which companies they are at the "Recruiter Section"

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