IECT is Kolkata's leading Institute for Arduino training course based on Atmega328 Microcontroller. Learn from very basic to advance Arduino Progamming under Industrial Experts with live projects.

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Programming, electronics, doing cool stuff with code and components. That's basically what you can expect from using an Arduino.

Why Learn Arduino?

So, you know that Arduino is easy to use. But why should you spend time learning how to use this microcontroller board? Well, it's incredibly flexible. With an Arduino, you can do everything from control a robot to manage a home automation project---and plenty besides.

The key benefits of learning Arduino are:

  • You can build awesome projects
  • Arduino is best for learning microcontroller programming
  • You can learn aumated electronics easily
  • Arduino might suit you better than a Raspberry Pi

Arduino Programming Full Course Content

  1. Introduction to Atmel Microcontroller
  2. Types of Arduino Boards
  3. How to choose right DEV Board
  4. Introduction to Microcontroller Architecture
  5. Understanding inner structure and pipelining
  6. Drivers & Software Installation
  7. Introduction to Arduino
  8. Choose your microcontroller
  9. Getting used to Arduino IDE
  10. Anatomy of Arduino
  11. Detailed Pin Mapping
  12. Boot loaders and Boot loading process for Microcontroller
  1. Calibrating Sensor value with Temperature Range.
  2. Handling Heavy Power with Arduino
  3. Interfacing a DC Motor & Servo Motor with Arduino
  4. Motor Driver & Its Need
  5. Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
  6. Working of Relays
  7. Interfacing Relays with Arduino
  8. Practical: Controlling AC Appliances
  9. Introduction to Autonomous Robotics
  10. Line Follower Robot
  11. Making a Line Follower & Pit Following Robot
  12. Light Follower/Avoider Robot
  13. Project Discussion and Building

What our Students Say about Us

i2c communication


Company: Philips India Ltd.

Marvellous Training by Pallab Sir. He really knows what electronics companies are actually looking from a fresher B.Tech like me and he trained us exactly the same way. Now I am working at Philips as a development engineer.

arduino iot training


Company: Siemens

We are very much satisfied by the training we had got at IECT. 4 out of 6 friends of us got placed in different companies. I've got placed at Siemens. It's like dream come true for me. Thanks to IECT

esp32 training


Company: Havells

Lots of practical projects with in-depth knowledge made everything clear about the microcontroller and that's what made me confident to crack interview at Havells. Thanks to Pallab Sir for his excellent training.

esp8266 iot training


Company: Mitsubhishi

No word is enough for the excellent training I had got from IECT. Pallab Sir has enormous knowledge in Atmel Microcontroller and IOT. And he taught us everything about IIOT which I am implementing today at Mitsubishi Lab. Thank u Sir :D

serial communication using esp32 arduino


Company: Centum Electronics

I did IIOT course from IECT along with Industrial Training. Today I'm working at Centum Electronics as an core development engineer. Thanks.

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Course Fees

8000/- (No Project Kits)

10000/- (With Kits)
Duration Certificate
20 Classes